Traditional Personal Tuition in Hatha Yoga
Private Yoga Therapy
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Private Yoga Therapy

Trikonasana adjustment

Private Yoga Therapy "Cikitsa Krama" is a therapeutic treatment process tailored to individual requirements for purification, rebalancing and regeneration. In these sessions the Yoga process is applied to treat the requirements of the individual.

Cikitsa means therapeutic or in this case ‘that which is required without causing enervation’.  Cikitsa Krama therefore refers to ‘the correct protocol of breathing and movement to restore the body to a state of equilibrium’. This treatment and teaching method is an effective, traditional way of instruction from the ancient past.

Spine and sports injuries, structural alignment, heart disease, stress, chronic fatigue, back pain, allergies, high and low blood pressure, eating disorders, all these and more can be successfully treated with practice of Yoga exercises and the gentle adaption to a pure and nutritious diet.
All tuition is adapted to treat the cause of imbalance within the individual. The emphasis in these sessions is on gentle progression to a healthy pattern of nutritious food and daily conscious exercise.

Consultation and treatment by appointment

One hour Consultation & Tuition $140 (additional $30 fee for home visits)

Block of 10 Lessons $1200