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About The Ghatastha Yoga Method


The teachings of the Ghatastha Yoga Method, as conceived by Duncan Ewing and principals of The Yoga Arts Academy have been devised based on the ancient teachings contained in the Classic text, Gheranda Samhita.   

The Gheranda Samhita written in the late 17th century, is a collection of stanzas of Sage Gheranda to his disciple, Chanda Kapali of the warrior caste.  In this classic text Sage Gheranda describes a 7 part system designed to transform the serious aspirant through purification of the body to the highest states of Samadhi and knowledge of the soul. The Ghatastha Yoga Method is therefore a Saptanga Yoga system.

Historically the term “Ghatastha” has been used as a synonymous term for Hatha Yoga.  The Gheranda Samhita defines Ghatastha as “training in hardiness”. The Ghatastha Yoga Method is a flowing form of Yoga comprised of techniques for transforming the subtle essences of the body and developing greater conductivity of Prana (vital energy).

The process of the Ghatastha Yoga Method performed as a meditation in action brings a mastery of the mechanism of the body/mind and increases conscious conductivity of breathe energy for participation in the deeper process of yoga.

Ghatastha Yoga Sakti Krama techniques are a wholistic way to get fit, strong and condition the nervous system! Designed around the ancient principles of health and fitness developed by the Yogis and Martial Artists of ancient India. 

Sakti means ‘power’ and Krama refers to the ‘process’ or protocols to follow, the protocols for developing power. Sakti refers to physical as well as mental and emotional strengths. This intensive practice includes flowing combinations of stances and standing poses, isometric yoga poses, stability training and core strengthening.