Catherine Fisher

Catherine has been training exclusively in Ghatastha Yoga under the guidance of Duncan Ewing (aka Prahlad) for over 13 years. As part of her training Catherine has undertaken a traditional yoga apprenticeship spanning 9 years, which continues to this day. Catherine has become a distinguished yoga practitioner whose understanding of technique and its application to the individual is unique and highly valued. Few have had the opportunity to be educated in this traditional and extensive fashion.


Individual Tuition

Catherine has been specifically educated to teach in the traditional one on one manner. This involves teaching students on an individual basis, tailoring the progressive set forms of Ghatastha yoga to the individual needs of each student. Catherine teaches one on one sessions and personal tuition sessions at Yoga Arts Academy by appointment.

Catherine’s yoga practice and teaching method are supported by 20 years ofstudy into ancient yogic texts, yogic anatomy, comparative religion, eastern cultures and philosophies, diet and nutrition. Through intensive study and practice Catherine has developed a unique approach to practicing and teaching yoga.

Introduction To Ghatastha Yoga

Catherine has now developed a six week “Introduction To Ghatastha Yoga” course that will cover all the basic fundamental aspects of Ghatatha yoga. This new course will provide the student with a solid understanding of the correct technique required to perform the classic asanas used in the elementary grades of Ghatashta Yoga. This course will enable the student to begin developing a personal practice with confidence and precision.

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