Duncan Ewing

Duncan Ewing has been practicing Yoga since 1986. In 1993 Duncan completed an intensive three year yoga apprenticship under the guidence of Shandor Remete. Shandor's expert and experienced teaching connected Duncan to the great tradition of Yoga that has been passed from Sri Krishnamacharya to Mr Iyengar and on to Shandor. 


Yoga Arts Academy

Duncan has taught yoga to thousands of students from all over the world. In 1995 he established the Hatha Yoga Institut in Cologne, Germany. 

On returning to Australia in 1998 Duncan established the Yoga Arts Academy in the Melbourne CBD where he continued to teach and treat people from all walks of life developing a unique approach to make authentic yoga technique accessable to all students.

The yoga Arts Academy is now established in the bayside suburb of Sandringham where Duncan continues to refine his approach to teaching and treating with authentic Hatha Yoga techniques.